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Home brew – is it all that?

Home Brew

Part 1 - the Brew

By @SimonNead_ @HoppilyUK

Home brew, that’s just a tin of malt that you mix in hot water, add some yeast and bottle, right? Just a couple of different types – generic bitters and ales.

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Cooking with Beer - Bonfire Night special - Chilli con Porter

Beer & Food

Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes, fireworks and parties.  A lot of different things come to mind when you think of the 5th of November.

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What we've been drinking...October 2017 Beers of the Month

Craft Beer, Beers of the Month


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Hoppily….a little bit of beer tasting!

Beer & Food

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Some interesting events in October & November

Hoppily on the Road

Whilst we love drinking the beers from our Hoppily boxes at home – sometimes we go out too! These are some of the events that are coming up in the next few weeks that we think might pique your beery interests – and who knows; you might see us there as well!

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Baking with Beer by Claire Henderson (@McJourno)

Beer & Food

When I received my first Hoppily subscription box of beers I made a vow to myself to get creative. Feeling inspired after attending a recent beer and food pairing event, I decided I wasn't just going to drink the damn lot – instead I was going to ditch the "eating's cheating" rule (I blame my Scottish heritage for this), and start exploring how different foods contrast, cut through and complement craft beers for maximum taste bud tingling effects.

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What we've been drinking...September 2017 Beers of the Month

Beers of the Month

Among the best parts about running Hoppily are the all-important tasting sessions we have to complete.  With so many beers being brewed it’s tough to separate the wheat from the chaff and decide what should go into our subscriptions boxes; we only want to send you the very best.  Whilst 'the data'  (in all its forms) plays an important role in our business (particularly beer selection), there will always be a role for a good old fashioned visit to the pub or beers in front of the TV to help inform our selections.

Hence, going forward, we plan to provide you with the lowdown on a few beers of the month that have been particularly popular at Hoppily HQ.  There will be some old favourites, some beers we've sampled for the future and some beers that are winging their way to a living room near you (erm, to your house, if you are sensible enough to be a member of one of Hoppily's subscription clubs).

So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of some of the beers we’ve been drinking this month…

Bianca Road – Paradise IPA

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Navigating Craft Beer!

Craft Beer, Beer Explained

We all love beer. It’s been a staple part of British culture for thousands of years, going back at least as far as Roman times, when brewing was already firmly established as an important part of civilisation.  The addition of hops for flavour arrived sometime around the 9th Century.  In the present day, especially the last few years, beer and brewing has become a way of life for many, with craft beer enthusiasts nationwide taking advantage of the numerous breweries that are springing up all over the place.  But with so many different beers and breweries, the choice on offer can at times seem overwhelming.

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Beer in Art

Looking at popular culture, one could be forgiven for thinking that the 19th Century is the new 21st Century.  Steampunk and its variants dominate music, science fiction and fantasy, costume dramas abound, while Sherlock Holmes and Dracula are more popular then ever.

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Hoppily Loves Local


Here at Hoppily, we love things local. 

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